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What is affiliate ID?
Your affiliate ID is a number you will get after your registration for CCBill copany. Thanks to affiliate ID will be webmaster indentified by every customer payment and he will get the commision.

How are commision settled?
It´s just on you which way of payment you will chaose. CCBill sends cheques or transfers the amount on your bank account.

How to get access dates into the webmaster section?
CCBill sends us automaticly letter of advice about your registration in our program. Than we check all registration dates and content of web pages on which we would like to promote us, after this you will get by return your access data or we will contact you to add missing information. This measure was set up in the interest of all webmasters, so that this section is not accessible to the public.

How does systém FHG function?
FHG (free hosted galleries) are ready pages with galleries, which are places on our server. Webmaster links to these pages by the link with affiliate ID. The gallerie page will be generated automaticly complete with affiliate ID. Thanks this systém can CCBill indentify every webmaster through it´s link came the paying customer.
The biggest advatage of this systém is in it´s simplicity. Webmaster should not create any gallery and before all there are no other operation or costs of data transfer.
Quite new is possibility to upload your own banners on this pages.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by the form.